To our IAB Long-Tail friends

Hello everyone. First let us say that it was a genuine pleasure to meet everyone in the Long-Tail alliance in Washington. It’s truly a pleasure to learn about your websites and experience your energy.

We experienced quite the surprise over your enthusiasm for our little side project, AdSession. The take-away we had was, “we can’t screw this up!” Your businesses are important to you, and your success is important to us… we love the long-tail. So while we need to apologize for what may seem like a long wait for the release of the finished version, we can assure you the time has been well-spent. It’s one thing to experiment with optimization tweaks and enhancements on our own site, unacceptable to be doing that on your sites.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing, finalizing and completing every conceivable aspect of optimization, and a completely revamped reporting and analytics package.

Over the next few days, we’ll be updating our blog with information on the expanded feature set that has grown from a simple idea a year ago, to a robust product that is best-in-class in every regard.