Performance Visualization: Current Day

Okay, I must confess, this is the graph upon which I gaze most often.

This is the real-time display of the performance of all sizes from all ad networks for the current day, based on known CPM performance. For busy sites, the numbers dance their little dance each time you hit refresh! While this data visualization is more important for mid-day corrections in optimization settings, it’s also an excellent gauge as to your performance throughout the day. On the left is the impressions for each ad size from each network, and on the right is the revenue earned. And as always, we’re calculating the projected earnings for the day. And yes, you guessed it, there’s an option to view any day’s historical data with this visualization tool.

Performance Visualization: Daily Impressions

Here’s another teaser look at what’s cooking in the back end, a real-time graph showing a 30-day snapshot of all impressions across all ad networks, including the current day.

This is helpful for you to gauge your overall impressions delivered, and view the relative delivery ratios of each ad network. Cumulative totals are provided for each day, and rolling over the color band on any given day will display the actual impressions for the ad network represented. Options are also provided to view the same information for historical date ranges you select.

Performance Visualization: Monthly Revenue

Here’s a look at the latest in our developments of the back end “GUI” available to AdSession clients and users.

These two real-time graphs display the most-current information in the analytics system. The top graph illustrates the impressions delivered, and revenue earned, from each ad network for each day of the month. Each color represents and ad network, and rolling your mouse over a color-band reveals more granular detail. The bottom graph shows the month-to-date revenue earned for each ad network, along with a month-end projection based on existing data. While the above image shows a live example, we’ve blurred out some of the proprietary details. Options are also provided to view the same information (without projections) for historical date ranges you select, as well as month-end revenue totals.

What Is AdSession?

AdSession is our soon-to-be-relased product from AdSession, Corp, a spin-off company of The Above Network, LLC. It capitalizes on a combination of our patent-pending ad network optimization software and our industry-leading experience in monetizing the unique web site content found in the Internet “long tail.”

I’m sure everyone can agree that for long tail websites (generally less than 2 million monthly visitors, often much less), generating the needed revenue from display advertising networks can be a lesson in exasperation. Not because your ad networks are uncooperative, but because of the often unpredictable ebb-and-flow of CPM revenue on a nearly daily basis. When we combine that with the relative unavailability of yield optimization tools and services for sites like us, it can drive one to drink, and we’re talking the hard stuff, not wine spritzers.

Necessity being the mother of invention, and our CEO being a bastard, we set out to develop a yield management and revenue optimization solution that didn’t require a database in the decision layer of selecting display ads. We expected this “thing” to scale, and scale big, while having no noticeable latency (you know, slow loads) in the selection of display ads. So our lunatic CEO imposed an impossible demand on our poor over-worked and under-paid programmers who were still tenderly bandaging the wounds from the last round of whipping.

It worked. Not only did we discover a completely new method of “deciding” which ad should be displayed for optimum yield, there is no latency. Even with the AdSession code running on a busy web server that delivers an average of 1 million dynamic pages a day, ad optimization decisions at a pace of 45 every second, only took an average of 0.002 seconds to complete (and display an ad network tag). The programmers got their customary highest reward, a box of donuts and time outside.

To our IAB Long-Tail friends

Hello everyone. First let us say that it was a genuine pleasure to meet everyone in the Long-Tail alliance in Washington. It’s truly a pleasure to learn about your websites and experience your energy.

We experienced quite the surprise over your enthusiasm for our little side project, AdSession. The take-away we had was, “we can’t screw this up!” Your businesses are important to you, and your success is important to us… we love the long-tail. So while we need to apologize for what may seem like a long wait for the release of the finished version, we can assure you the time has been well-spent. It’s one thing to experiment with optimization tweaks and enhancements on our own site, unacceptable to be doing that on your sites.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing, finalizing and completing every conceivable aspect of optimization, and a completely revamped reporting and analytics package.

Over the next few days, we’ll be updating our blog with information on the expanded feature set that has grown from a simple idea a year ago, to a robust product that is best-in-class in every regard.

AdSession is coming

Welcome to the new blog for (future) customers and users of our new, soon to be released product, AdSession. We’ll be using this to keep everyone updated as to the status of our product release, features, performance, and the beta program.

It’s been a very busy time since we last spoke with most of you at the IAB Long-Tail alliance Fly-In in Washington, DC. We’ve been working diligently on completing our patent application, finalizing the full feature set, and finished some really nice real-time reporting and performance visualization features. Our goal is to create a best-in-class technology, that competes with any product on the market, but is tailored to the unique needs of “long-tail” websites.

Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon.